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Bamboo Brow Brush

This double ended brow brush can easily be used to apply brow products. The duo brush is light-weighted with bold handle for easy use.

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    AMABRANDZ Dual-Ended Bamboo Brow Brush is a tapered, angled eyebrow brush with firm natural bamboo fibers. Ideal for applying Brow Sculpting Pomade and Brow Lif Soap to the eyebrows with professional-quality precision, this densely packed duo brush creates hairlike strokes while the spoolie end blends the product for a flawless finish. The natural fibers on this pro eye makeup brush allow for a smooth and even product application, while the thin size fits perfectly on the brow, making it the ideal eyebrow tool to fill and shape your eyebrows.


    Easy to use, high-performance pro-artistry brush with a precise tapered tip for the best application

    Features premium natural fibers that pick up and deposit product smoothly and evenly

    Ideal for on-the-go use


    Bamboo Fibers


    This dual-sided makeup brush is ideal for creating a range of eyebrow looks Use the spoolie end to comb the brow hairs upward. Dip the brush end into your favorite cream-based brow product (works best with Brow Scuplting Pomade and begin defining the lower arch of the brow. Then, comb brow hairs downward and begin filling in the tail of the brow in the direction of hair’s natural growth. Continuously blend using the spoolie during application for the most natural-looking effect. Finish by lightly detailing the front of the brow in the direction of hair’s natural growth.

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